Healthy living is a way of life
Charming walkable neighborhoods. Nearby inviting shops and services. And suddenly, everyone is afoot more and biking more. By encouraging physical activity, Stone Canyon is contributing to a healthy lifestyle for residents. Long-term, as research has proven, this increased exercise can improve cardiovascular and respiratory health, and can reduce the risk of hypertension and obesity.

With the utmost respect for the land and natural resources
In the design and construction of Stone Canyon, great care was taken to leave as much of the landscape as possible undisturbed, and to conserve resources to maintain the grounds. Natural terrain and land forms were re-sculpted and reworked to create The Patriot golf course. Engineers developed an attractive and innovative lake system to irrigate the golf course and public areas. Also, an aerobic system allows homeowners to irrigate a portion of their lawns with reclaimed water.

Lifestyles & landscapes
In this community, you choose the landscape – upper prairie, woodlands, canyons or meadows – and the life you live, as Stone Canyon unites neighbors and nature. Front doors are close enough to instill a strong sense of community, distant enough to allow each residence to relate to its natural surroundings. The Bluffs. Views without end. Within the gated area, these masterpiece homes sit atop stone bluffs, displayed like fine pieces of art. Stone Canyon’s field of vision extends beyond forests and fairways, past creeks and streams, to the vista that includes the downtown Tulsa skyline.



Homes For Sale
To view or receive more information on current Homes Available, please contact Susan McKeon, Realtor, Stone Canyon Realty LLC #918-688-4471 or

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